The ROCK SOLID line of oscillation vibration fitness machines are premium vibration devices powering a new dimension in wellness solutions for all ages, lifestyles and physical abilities. It uses the principles of Acceleration Training to stimulate the body’s natural response to vibration. These vibrations transmit waves of energy throughout the body, activating muscle contractions between 25 and 50 times per second, enhancing overall performance in sessions as short as 10 minutes a day.

The movement resembles a teeter-totter. These vibration machines are generally found in weight loss centers, chiropractic offices, and lipo laser facilities. Helps with improving circulation, joint and lower back pain, lymphatic drainage and clearing out blockages, and also increases blood flow and weight loss.


Whole-Body Vibration Exercise

Whole-body vibration exercise has many benefits for the body including improved circulation and balance. It also enhances muscle strength and performance, especially in a less active body. It’s a quick way to warm up and the perfect adjunct to our Biomechanics and Pilates Instruction. Using vibration exercise equipment 10 minutes each day can make a positive difference to your fitness level in no time at all.

~ Milla Nova, Owner of Nova Pilates, Brentwood (L.A.),

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I’ve let many people try this equipment in my home and everyone loves it, too. It always makes me feel invigorated and the time goes by so quickly when using this vibration machine. And in the two months of using the platform, I’ve lost several pounds. This is now my daily exercise companion that is making a positive difference in my life.*

Bonnie Ross, Accountant, Santa Monica, CA

This equipment is so much fun to use that anyone can do at any physical level. It’s so popular here in the break room at Hay House Publishers. Even my engineer’s 6-year-old daughter loves to use it when she comes to the office. I can tell that my balance is better in only a short time using this equipment.*

Diane Ray, Hay House Radio, Encinitas, CA

My gym is filled with countless pieces of exercise equipment of all kinds, and our Rock Solid Vibration Fitness Machine is the most popular equipment in the gym. Need I say more? It gives results quickly with minimal time. Everyone loves to use it.*

Craig Swabek, Owner of Highland Fitness, Louisville, Kentucky

My names is Dr Phil Barone and I recently purchased a Vibration Plate Machine. After extensive research I purchased the Rock Solid RS-3000. I love my Rock Solid Vibration Plate. I was able to assemble it in minutes. After a hip injury, I needed to find a replacement for my treadmill. The RS-3000 takes up much less room than a treadmill and there is no stress on my hip. It’s simple to use. I can already see a difference and in just 10 minutes a day. My legs feel stronger; my stomach is tightening and I am losing weight. I also have more energy.
The machine has a variety of levels of intensity so it can be raised or lowered for each exercise as you need it. As an additional feature it has a minute timer to help you keep track of your exercises.
With all these features this machine is excellent and I’m recommending it to my patients and friends. I am very happy I bought it.*

Dr Phil Barone, Physician

“I got the RS-3000, it’s the ultimate machine, I have lost inches and lbs, my body feel great, and I have even more energy than before, if you get a chance to buy this machine, you will never regret, the best buy for 2013/2014. I recommend it.*

Michelle Hamilton

Great experience! Chris was very quick at getting back to me, friendly and informative. Received my unit in 2 days and it was actually delivered on a SUNDAY! Great size, easy to move and use. I’ve already notice a stronger core in 4 days. LOVE MY RS2200

Veronique G.

Impressed with how solid a machine it is. I have used it everyday for a month and my back and neck pain has really diminished. My core body strength has improved. I go it because I have a lymph disorder (lipedema) and it has really helped with the pain of that as well as getting fluid out of the tissue. I highly recommend this machine. I am 56 and thought I would need support for balance but I don’t. I love the preset programs. So easy to get on and use.

Bill D.

Great Machine, My wife and I have had the RS3200 for three weeks now using it every day. It is very quiet and it’s construction is very sturdy. I have looked at other machines that cost more and they do not compare to this one. It was very easy to assemble taking less than 30 minutes the directions were easy to follow as well. We find the 10 minute work out time goes by fast with no effort on our part which is so much nicer than going to the gym which takes a minimum of 2 hours. I have been using the machine 2 times a day.

Stan W.

We have been really pleased with our purchase of the RS3200 and the Rock Solid Customer Service/Company support has been out standing. I have always wanted weight loss support (which is one use of this type of machine), but 10 minutes of use each day has made a huge difference for my morning hip and leg aches. I saw so many levels of use for the WBV machine that I also purchased 2 others for my kids and their family. Now they have a couple of years of Christmas Presents!

Deb C.


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